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How do I removed exported data sets that are no longer needed?

How do I removed exported data sets that are no longer needed?

I would like to delete exported data sets and keep the list current with only the ones still needed
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Thanks sayyar 

Linear Actuator

Hi @CFresh,
The Export Log is a historical artifact of all the datasets that were exported. It allows you to identify see where the data has been exported from Paxata and provides an audit trail. We do not have any delete mechanism for those Export Log entries. 

Thanks Melanie, but I should have been more specific, I'm referring to Export Logs.  I don't see an X for those, could it be an access issue?
Linear Actuator

Hi there, to delete the most recent version of a dataset in your Library list, just click the red X button for it:

if you want to delete *all* of the versions for the dataset-- for example in my screenshot above you'll see I have seven versions of the dataset-- click the All Versions button:

And you're drilled down into a page that lists each version of that dataset. Now notice the red button to DELETE ALL VERSIONS:

If you are sure that's what you want to do-- to delete every instance of this dataset from your Library-- then click the button and, poof!, they are gone.

hope that helps!