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How to configure an sFTP Data Source

Linear Actuator

How to configure an sFTP Data Source

To configure an sFTP Data Source, you will require the following parameters:

SFTP Hostname i.e.
SFTP port
root directory i.e,  /user/foo

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Hi Kubiccm1,

My name is Sudheer and I am the customer success engineer assigned to Nationwide. @ebarre is right that Nationwide admin has to enable the SFTP connector. Please let me know if you have a requirement and I can work Jeff, Aaron, and Chad at Nationwide to enable the SFTP connector. I have included @bella21 for his reference.  

With Best Regards
Sudheer Kumar

Hello Kubicm1,

Your admin would have to add the sFTP connector before you can create a data source from it. Reach out to your admin and ask them to install that connector or to make sure that you have enough privileges to see it.

Thanks Dan, I don't see sFTP in my list of drop down options. How do I add it?