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Importing Data onto Datarobot (Upload error)

Image Sensor
Getting an upload error when Importing the below data. Getting a the below error ''Datasets can only contain one unnamed column. A second unnamed column was found in position 131 in the dataset. Task ID=a035bf92-8d86-49f2-8b21-727f337ec12f Project ID=602fd8fa5ae4c4787a005ad2"
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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

That is a bit of a messy dataset, since its a spreadsheet with multiple tabs.  If you grab the top tab and put into a CSV, you should be able to bring it into DataRobot. For this dataset, you also need to clean up the header row (you can't have two columns with the same name for DataRobot).
This is also where you may want to try Data Prep to make sure the data is in a nice tabular form before bringing into the model building.  Does that help?