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I am Teotima, one of the user of Eureqa since I use this in my master’s degree thesis and in my research paper.  I am very interested to use Eureqa especially in my research on predicting the seismic signal of an earthquake in the Philippines

Since the product key given to me was expired now, I can not use the Eureqa . Can I ask a favor?


I am writing my dissertation now since I am a Ph. D in Applied Mathematics student in University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines formerly Mindanao University of Science and Technology. I am also writing many research paper now. Could you please help me acquire back the Eureqa software for academicians?


I hope that nutonian can still give me a chance to acquire back the academic key for using the eureqa


Thank you and more power to Nutonian




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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Teotima,

Great to hear from you and how you're using Eureqa. We're very happy to help you continue that work.

You should be able to get an academic license here:

Please try this link and reply back here to let us know that you're able to use Eureqa again, or if you have further questions.

Best of luck in your studies.


Hello, I am Peyman Mahouti. I had previously used Eureqa for creating numerical model of microwave circuits such as Reflectarray antennas unit element modellings [1-2], and for derivation of an accurate analytical formulation for calculation characteristic impedance of a microstrip transmission line [3]. Now I and my team are trying to use Eureqa for modelling scattering parameters of microwave transistors, however my academic license was going to end. But thanks to you and DataRobot, I got a new academic license. Thank you very much. Bet Regards, Dr. Peyman Mahouti [1] Mahouti, P., Güneş, F., Belen, M. A., & Çalışkan, A. (2019). A Novel Design of Non-Uniform Reflectarrays with Symbolic Regression and its Realization using 3-D Printer. Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, 34(2). [2] Mahouti, P. Application of artificial intelligence algorithms on modeling of reflection phase characteristics of a nonuniform reflectarray element. Int J Numer Model. 2020; 33:e2689. [3] Mahouti, P., Güneş, F., Belen, M. A., & Demirel, S. (2017). Symbolic Regression for Derivation of an Accurate Analytical Formulation using “Big Data” An Application Example. Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, 32(5), 372-80.

Hi im also working in my physics degree thesis and im having problems with the keys. At the time of running the formula search appers an error that says "could not activate the product key. check your internet and try again". there is any way to solve this?


Regards, Franco

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Hello I am Mitchie Roa, a graduate student and a college instructor in the Philippines. May I know how to acquire the academic license of Eureqa? I am planning to publish a paper and I cannot publish it without a license.
Thank you so much!
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Hi Mitchie - Thank you for posting your question to our community! Unfortunately we no longer provide academic licenses for Eureqa (i.e., the Nutonian version). The DataRobot platform includes Eureqa and you can request a trial version for your purposes. I just posted an announcement about this in the Eureqa Academic forum too. Hope this answers your question.




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