I am Teotima, one of the user of Eureqa since I use this in my master’s degree thesis and in my research paper.  I am very interested to use Eureqa especially in my research on predicting the seismic signal of an earthquake in the Philippines

Since the product key given to me was expired now, I can not use the Eureqa . Can I ask a favor?


I am writing my dissertation now since I am a Ph. D in Applied Mathematics student in University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines formerly Mindanao University of Science and Technology. I am also writing many research paper now. Could you please help me acquire back the Eureqa software for academicians?


I hope that nutonian can still give me a chance to acquire back the academic key for using the eureqa


Thank you and more power to Nutonian

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Teotima, 

You can request a temporary academic license here.  

Good luck with your thesis!