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The purpose of this collection of articles is to assist you in transitioning from Excel to Paxata for data preparation scenarios. To be sure, Excel is an excellent tool for what it is intended to do: work with spreadsheets. But over the years it has morphed into a general-purpose, catch-all tool that people try to apply to many tasks for which there are better solutions. Excel is a general purpose tool for manipulating and preparing data, creating highly visual reports and dashboards, creating lists, and so on. If I only need to do a few different types of tasks once or twice, that general purpose tool is fine. But once I need to perform the same task multiple times, and with a level of great precision, it's best to have a tool that is meant for that exact job. When it comes to self-service data prep, Paxata is the tool meant for the job, and the articles in this collection will help you to quickly understand how to become a Paxata expert.
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