DataRobot Alumni


Hi everyone — I’m Zan Markan, a developer advocate here at DataRobot.

My job is primarily to ensure developers’ success, and to facilitate any feedback to the DataRobot teams working on our products, both online and offline.

I’m rather new to the AI industry myself and still learning the basics. My background is in software engineering; before starting in developer relations, I worked on mobile apps and APIs.  

When it comes to tech, I’m a big fan of serverless everything, and love how that paradigm is it’s making development accessible to a whole new generation of developers. I feel that DataRobot can do the same for AI, and democratize it for millions more.

Outside of tech, I like travel, coffee, food, and beer (not necessarily in that order). 

Feel free to ping me for anything DataRobot-related, or if we meet in person let’s grab a coffee or a beer.   

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