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Is Data Robot moving a data scientists cheese!!

Is Data Robot moving a data scientists cheese!!

I currently spend about 80% of my day preparing data and developing Tableau dashboards while I teach myself python and pursue a data science degree.

I spoke with Data Robot who showed me their product. basically made it sound like Data Scientists are reluctant to move to the tool because it moves their cheese.

Is this the case? Is the industry moving towards a more self service business user model in that you can effectively use DataRobot without knowing a lick of code the same as you can be an effective Tableau “developer” without knowing SQL?

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Hi Slavia, and welcome to data science! 

This seems to be a very, very commonly asked question on here. See the post yesterday

I replied to a very similar post last week too

This was my response: 

I think your point of being able to focus on more complex problems hits the nail on the head. I have worked in BI for many years, and have seen something very similar happen in the last 10/20 years. There is a lot more self-service and tools that make it easier to deal with enormous volumes and complexity of data, something that would have needed expertise to deal with many years ago.

Rather than put data analysts out of work, the area expanded. End users, who now had more product in front of them, now had more questions as they got more exposure to concepts. So many ordinary business users know what a sankey chart is, or be able to interpret confidence intervals. 

I think something similar will happen with data science. It will be offered more widely and become more easily available. Companies that are competing without will lose a competitive edge and will need it. They will still require someone to oversee it and will ask for more and more complex problems to be solved.

I wouldn't worry too much about that data scientist - even in the current climate there is lots of demand on the job board!

Basically, similar to how there are still SQL developers even wtih Tablaeu (and Qlik, and PBI) around, there will still be a need for data science expertise with automated machine learning. Likely you will end up on more challenging and interesting projects and there will be an increased demand, as the tech becomes wider.

Enjoy your course, this automated tech will give you the chance to pursue a career in something specialist, i think this frees you up to study something that will interest you 🙂