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Listing AI Catalog Datasets in R

Listing AI Catalog Datasets in R

Hi all,

The Python API has a Dataset.list() method which returns all my datasets in my AI Catalog. I'm looking for the R equivalent.
ListDataSources seems like it should however it does not return any infomation?



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Great thanks @dalilaB !

DataRobot Alumni

While we don't such functionality in R Datarobot 2.18, we are working at adding it in the next R DataRobot release 2.27.  However,  here is something that you can do:


library (datarobot)
ConnectToDataRobot(endpoint =XXX,token=XXX)
datasetListInAICatalog <- datarobot:::DataRobotGET("datasets")

 This will return a dataframe with the list of dataset in AICatalog

Hi Ira,

I am working on getting additional information for you on this.  I'll let you know if something turns up.