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Location AI: data format

Location AI: data format


I have a question regarding file / field formats for creating location / geospatial features in DR.

Data that I have prepared in a GeoJSON format and included as a single field in a CSV file is recognised as text rather than as location within DR.

The content of the field looks, for example, like this: { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [ 0.005250, 0.000340 ], [ 0.005250, -0.000340 ], [ 0.003605, 0.001360 ], [ 0.005250, 0.000340 ] ] ] }. 

I would welcome any guidance on what might need to be done to amend this format so it is recognised appropriately.



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I have gone down the WKT in CSV route and that seems to be working.


Thanks for your help.

DataRobot Alumni

Hi Richard - 


If your location data is a column in a CSV DataRobot expects this to be formatted as WKT.


A couple of tools that may help you convert these:

Geomet (python):

Wellknown (node.js):

ogr2ogr (gdal, cli):


You can also upload geojson if you can include the csv columns as properties if you like!

DataRobot Alumni

Hi Richard - 

Here's something quick that should help.

The DR lab Leverage Geospatial Data provides a GeoJSON dataset. You can download the dataset from this lab (cal_housing.geojson), check out how the data is formatted, and try it yourself. 

I'm guessing this will give you some insight.