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Looking for a Preventive Maintenance use case for demo

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I am looking for a Preventive Maintenance use case(end to end) for Manufacturing company (Chemicals).

Please point me to the resource along with the data set at the earliest.

Thanks Narendra Bisht.



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @naren.bisht -

The community has this preventative maintence post:
Predictive Maintenance (of NASA turbofans) using DataRobot

this learning session:
Reducing Costs with Predictive Maintenance

and this use case discussion (which uses data from a Kaggle competition):
Use Case: Predicting machine failures or replacements

Also, I see there are two DRU anomaly detection / preventative maintenance labs: (builds on the first one)

The labs provide datasets for you to use to complete those missions.

I hope one or more of these help you accomplish your needs! 


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Thanks !

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