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Looking for Python Guidance with DataRobot

Looking for Python Guidance with DataRobot

We are in the process of automation for some of the nifty DataReport analyses. Specifically we have been using TimeSeries analyses for predicting daily Metrics.

As part of this I have found sites recommending using Python and/or API processes. We have Python on my machine from an old Anaconda installation, but do I need to have Python installed through DataRobot? Any links/explanations are appreciated.

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Thank you very much for the links Shu. Much appreciated.


Unfortunately I do not know much about APIs or API development.


I can make it about halfway through this to around when the "endpoints" begin. The instructions for creating the API within DataRobot are excellent. I can use some guidance in terms of where I should install the varying programs and trying out the example dataset that you suggest. I even did a search on YouTube for API tutorials as well; but none are specific to DataRobot. [Made me a bit more confused.]

Please provide suggested links to get me up to speed on this, please.

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi Zach, please refer to this quick start guide: to get started. Then specifically for multi series forecasting use cases, please refer to this AI Accelerator: