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Manufacturing Warranty forecast

Manufacturing Warranty forecast

Is there any use case in DataRobot related with Manufacturing Warranty Process - To predict the warrant claims and to forecast the parts for manufacturing based on the historical data?

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Suresh! I'm James from our Pathfinder team building content on use cases. In addition to the Manufacturing Use Cases Linda has already mentioned, here are specific use cases which are not exactly what you are looking for but follow similar frameworks. 

Predict Daily Demand by Store 

  • Leverages DataRobot's Time Series capabilities to predict demand by store based on historical data. It can be framed differently depending on your data, but incorporates the typical workflow used for time series problems such as forecasting demand and forecasting parts. 

Predict Whether a Parts Shortage Will Occur

  • Helps manufacturers predict late shipments to take corrective action and prevent bottlenecks. 

For use cases more on the claims side, here are a list Insurance of use cases related to predicting claims severity, subrogation, etc. 

We'd love to hear any thoughts you may have on Pathfinder and additional content you'd be interested in! 

DataRobot Alumni

Hi - There's a great library of "popular" AI use cases you can access with your community account. While it may not have exactly what you're looking for (with warranty claims), I know it has a handful of uses cases for manufacturing. Check out this link:

Let me know if you find what you're looking for. Also, if you have an idea for a use case let us know!