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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector - Application Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector - Application Configuration

We are working to set up a connector and have followed the instructions to Microsoft's forums that are linked in the connector documentation. However, we continue to get a permissions error. We understand that this is an issue on the Dynamics side and not Paxata but wondering if anyone in the community has successfully set up this connector and knows how to configure the application side properly.

The error we receive is:






Access Denied (CrmSecurityError/InvalidAccessRights/PrincipalPrivilegeDenied/PrivilegeCreateIsDisabledForOrganization/PrivilegeDenied).






We are using a client ID and secret, and are not able to find where the permissions should be set to allow the connection to work.

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Yes, we are using the connector documentation but it only explains how to configure the connector within the Paxata environment. Like most of the connectors, it does not include details of how to configure the related system appropriate so that the connector actually can connect.

The Dynamics 365 administrator was able to configure their environment so that the Paxata connector is now able to see the data objects. They shared the following URL that they used to configure their Microsoft environment successfully for the Paxata connector. I'm sharing it so other might benefit.

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @ahatisTW - 

First, have you checked out this Data Prep/Paxata cloud doc? Maybe there's information there that can help?

Otherwise, please reach out to the DataRobot support team. They can help to work on it together with you. And when resolved, can you please update everyone here with the solution? 

Looking forward to hearing what you find out!


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