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ML - image similarity

ML - image similarity

I'm trying to create a model that find the images that are similar. I have many images and i know which one are similars. How can i construct my dataset?

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@km2  DataRobot allows Clustering of images and one can attend the DataRobot University Visual AI class (link below) to find out more about how to incorporate images into their machine learning process.

A key capability is DataRobot's ability to use images along with other structured and unstructured data for modeling and discovery.

A short answer to the question is to zip one's images into a directory and feed it into DataRobot and then select Clustering for the task if it only had images.

However, if there were other features one could create a feature list that only contained images and then cluster on that or include all the features.

On top of that, as my colleagues have mentioned one can also take the supervised training route which is also covered in the course above.

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You will have 2 features, one for each image, and a target equal to 1 if the same, or 0 otherwise.  Both features will have a path to the respective folder of their respective  images

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Welcome to the DataRobot Community, @km2 . It looks like you got an answer to your question. If this was what you were looking for and you are able to move forward, select "Accept as Solution" for Bogdan's reply. If you still need help with that question or have other questions, discussions, or feedback -- please let the community know!  

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If there is a limited amount of similarity groups that you know in advance you can frame this as a multiclass problem. You may put images in folders by their group and zip them into one archive that will be used by DataRobot, or add additional features as described here