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oauth Connection to Snowflake

oauth Connection to Snowflake

Hi Team,


I am trying to Connect Snowflake to DataRobot, where as in snowflake we only allow sso access. I am trying to find tutorial for Datarobot with Snowflake oauth Connection but cannot find any. Can any body please suggest a tutorial link or blog where I can connect datarobot with Snowflake with oauth.


Thanks in advance

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@Lorcan Then I think you have a valid subscription and should be able use the feature. Please reach out to DataRobot support contact and ask to enable it for your account. 

Hi @HajimeO,

I am using



Hi @Lorcan , could you clarify which type of DataRobot deployment you are using?:

  • DataRobot SaaS ( ,
  • DataRobot Trial/Self-service (
  • DataRobot on premise / VPC (Your own domain)

Generally speaking, Python Client is available for all the three deployment types above. But this particular feature (Extern OAuth for Snowflake) is only available for DataRobot SaaS (the first one) at the moment.

Hi @HajimeO,


I am using the DataRobot python API, which according to the docs has an OAuth credential. So there is no way of using this unless I am a SaaS customer?


Kind regards,



Hi @Lorcan 

External OAuth for Snowflake data connection is now available as public preview:

This means that, if you are a paid SaaS customer (have active DataRobot SaaS subscription), you can contact DataRobot Support to enable the feature. If you are a trial user / self service user, it will be available when the feature becomes Generally Available (GA). The schedule for this feature to go GA is not determined yet. 

Hi @HajimeO ,


Has this been implemented yet?


Kind regards,



@dandev If I understand your question correctly, the answer is yes. We are working to support connecting to Snowflake that is configured with SSO using OAuth. There are no links where we officially state this, though.

@HajimeO I am actually looking for oauth setup in datarobot to snowflake. Is that is also under process. If so then can u please share a link which I can show to my client

I wanted to propose some alternatives:

  1. A service account that is locally authenticated and able to be used for this exercise
  2. A password being set for your account so it could leverage local authentication as well
  3. If neither of these are allowed, one could pull the data out to somewhere else (like a .csv) then upload it to DataRobot.  This could be done manually, or programmatically; using python to query Snowflake data and importing DataRobot's Python SDK to push the data into DataRobot as well.  This is the PUSH option demonstrated at the start of this article: DataRobot & Snowflake: Project Creation

Thanks everybody for the help