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Parsing Column in Paxata Dataset

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Parsing Column in Paxata Dataset

Hi! I am trying to parse a column in Paxata. I need to remove ;# and the numbers. It's pulling from a SharePoint list that has user links so it add these in between the names. I put the example down below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  

Example: 48;#Doe, John;#586;#Doe, Jane;#694:#Smith, John

What I want: Doe, John; Doe, Jane; Smith, John
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@blains2 In the import workflow we do not have an option to perform this as the data is coming in from a SharePoint List. However, you could use the "Split" or "Find & Replace" tools to remove the numbers and other characters. 
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@blains2 as @sayyar mentioned you can use the split function and a regular expression as shown below:

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