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Pathfinder use case utilization

Pathfinder use case utilization

Hello, was wondering how can I integrate a specific pathfinder use case into my organizations project ? 

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The first step would be to confirm that the problem that the use case is solving at Pathfinder is a real problem at your organization.  If that is the case, try to gather some data to frame that problem and the cost of not solving it.  This can help you visualize the problem and introduce the potential solution.


The next step will be to gather the right stakeholders in your organization and present the situation and potential solution to them to gather feedback and get them involved.


From there you can start gathering data, making it ready for training purposes and bring it to DataRobot.


Hope this provides an additional perspective.



Data Scientist
Data Scientist

I would recommend following steps to best leverage Pathfinder.


1. Search for relevant keywords preferably from your domain

2. We have Spotlight, Apps, Notebooks, Integration and Use Case tabs to choose from. 

3. You can select a near-to or exact use case from your industry. Explore code via notebook (loan default use case) , or application (late shipment prediction)

You can choose to explore this in Zepl or try it on DataRobot. Following a use case listed in Pathfinder should give you a good idea about it's AI life cycle and best prepare you to get started with potentially new or similar use case. 

Please feel free to reach us if you are looking for something specific and cannot find it in your search

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I think I understand your question.  It all depends on what industry or problem you are working on.  In some, you just need to specify the target, in others, you may need to change the name of the features that need to be aggregated

DataRobot Alumni

removed, answer was irrelevant to the question asked