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Paxata Admin: how to enable MS SQLServer JDBC Connector

Paxata Admin: how to enable MS SQLServer JDBC Connector

MSSQL Server with jTDS driver (

1.Add the jtds-1.3.1.jar to /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers/

2.    User ran recursive chown on drivers to make paxata user the owner (chown paxata:paxata -R /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers)

3.    User set permissions as 755 on all drivers (chmod 755 -R /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers)

4.    edit /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers/


5. Restart Paxata Server to register the new driver (service paxata-server restart)

6. Create SQLServer datasource in Library Page.

(Windows Auth.) jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<sqlserver_hostname>:1433/;useNTLMv2=true;domain=<AD_trusted_domain>;

(SQL Auth.) jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<sqlserver_hostname>:1433/;

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> Are we required to use jtds driver?
  • No. We test and support both JTDS and MSSQL Drivers for use against SQL Server. 
  • SQL Server driver has historically been proprietary and the license did not allow for redistribution. This license has prevented us from automatically installing the driver for our Cloud users. On Premise Paxata installations can install the driver for their licensed SQL Server installations. 
  • The SQL Server Driver license recently changed to allow for redistribution, so we'll be able to automatically support this soon.
> Wouldn't "Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.0 for SQL Server" be better...
The SQL Server driver actually lacks a feature that many of our enterprise customers require: Windows authentication (NTLM)
  • JTDS supports Windows authentication (NTLM), MSSQL Driver does not.
Concerning SQL on Azure:
  • We certify support for Azure SQL DB using the SQL Server driver and JDBC Connector.
  • We have a standalone Connector that supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Are we required to use jtds driver? Wouldn't "Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.0 for SQL Server" be better for both azure sql and on prem sql? it looks like it was supported in 2018.2

Also is there any update for version 2018.2.4 ? I can only find the support matrix from 2018.2.2

Is there a problem using a more recent driver for sql server?
Linear Actuator

@frogg thank you for asking your question on the community. For others who may have the same question, the correct course of action for provisioning Paxata Connectors in an Azure environment is to contact our support; they have the necessary means to provision Connectors. n.b. a Connector is the conduit to a database or other data repository; Connectors are provisioned to a tenant by Paxata Support/DevOps. Once a Connector is provisioned, a user can reference that Connector to configure a Data Source. The Data Source is what you see as an end user when importing or exporting data.

Hi, it looks like you've submitted a service ticket regarding this issue and the support team is looking into it currently. Do you have any other questions regarding your cloud trial?

Anyone know where to find these files directories in an azure installation?