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Pesky Column Name Missing From on Table in Paxata

Pesky Column Name Missing From on Table in Paxata

I begin my process by reading in one table, then joining two others. Everything seems to be okay with the following example statement:


`Serial Number` as `SerialNumber`,

`Temporary` as ManufacturerSW

from dataset


But, Temporary does not exist within one of the Tables that is joined. I read in the tables straight from Excel Worksheets. When I dig deep into understanding how DataRobot/Paxata sees the data I go to the Library and find the original Excel file. [Now this has a small number of columns to deal with.] It shows as Column (0) within the environment.

But how may I reference this in the above syntax to select it and at the same time making it into ManufacturerSW?

Please note that I already did a Google search on this and it mostly finds links/solutions for if there are NULLs in the content of the field.

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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi there! 

Apologies for the delayed reply, I think you caught us during the end of year holiday season. Are you still working on this? 

Let me see if I understand correctly:
    - You're running the above query in Paxata

    - The column named Temporary doesn't exist in - I'm a bit unclear here - the input table or output (joined) table, or both? 

    -  In your raw XLSX (or XLS) source file the column of interest is called "Column (0)"

I could be misunderstanding the question, but I think you're working with example code and the name Temporary in your query should be replaced by your real column name, which is "Column(0)".