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Project Export

Project Export

Is it possible to export all the transformations in a Project as XML or JSON or some format -- that can be re-imported into another Paxata installation?
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Hi MagmaMan,

The Steps array contains all the steps within the project. In the screenshot below you can see that the project consists of the base dataset (the start step), then an append, then an edit column and finally a pivot.

I have collapsed some of the nodes in the screenshot for readability but the bottom line is that all the steps that you have in your project are recorded on the Raw JSON.

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Thanks for the reply.... So, every step needs to be exported separately??
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All the steps that are part of your project are available as a JSON format by clicking the "RAW" button at the bottom of the Step Editor panel. The "steps" array is what needs to be copied to the new environment. Please note that any manual changes to the JSON structure might invalidate it and break the project. By doing this manual copy you would also have to remap the dataset IDs as the IDs on the new environment will be different.

Alternatively, our Customer Success team has a command line utility that allows you to migrate project(s) from a source environment to a destination environment by simply specifying the source and target URLs, tokens and other options, such as migrating the underlying datasets, migrating permissions, downloading the project definition and data as a zip file (for archiving), automatically remapping the dataset ids etc...

Please contact Customer Success for more information.
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