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Project Level Logging

Project Level Logging

Does DataRobot make a project-level log viewable via the UI?  I am interested in seeing historical project information for things like:


- How long did AutoPilot take to run

- What were the settings when AutoPilot ran: feature set and mode

- Recommended model

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Hi David
Welcome to the community.
Regarding your questions:
- Currently, it's only possible to manually check an individual model logs in Describe -> Log tab in the UI
- The used feature lists and the number of trained models on them can be found under the filter tab 


- The mode is not stated explicitly in the UI, but there's the section with the next modeling mode. In general, the order is the following Quick -> Autopilot -> Comprehensive 


- Usually, the recommended model can be found on the top of the leaderboard 


Hope that helps.