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Quick Autopilot will be the default modeling mode

Community Manager
Community Manager

In an upcoming Managed AI Cloud release, the default modeling mode for non-time series projects will be Quick Autopilot rather than full Autopilot. (On-Premise users can look for this change in a future release.) This change affects both the GUI and the API.


Why did we make this change?

Quick Autopilot mode will build a list of candidate models in the fastest way possible. Using sample sizes of 32% and then 64%, Quick Autopilot runs a subset of blueprints--based on the specified target, features, and performance metric--to provide a base set of models and insights quickly. By contrast, full Autopilot (which is still selectable from the Modeling Mode dropdown under the Start button) runs at 16%, 32%, and then 64%.
(If you would like to restore full Autopilot as the default for all projects, contact your admin.)

More information about modeling modes

If you’re a licensed DataRobot customer, search the in-app Platform Documentation for Modeling workflow.

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