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Quick Autopilot will be the default modeling mode

DataRobot Alumni

Quick Autopilot will be the default modeling mode

In an upcoming Managed AI Cloud release, the default modeling mode for non-time series projects will be Quick Autopilot rather than full Autopilot. (On-Premise users can look for this change in a future release.) This change affects both the GUI and the API.


Why did we make this change?

Quick Autopilot mode will build a list of candidate models in the fastest way possible. Using sample sizes of 32% and then 64%, Quick Autopilot runs a subset of blueprints--based on the specified target, features, and performance metric--to provide a base set of models and insights quickly. By contrast, full Autopilot (which is still selectable from the Modeling Mode dropdown under the Start button) runs at 16%, 32%, and then 64%.
(If you would like to restore full Autopilot as the default for all projects, contact your admin.)

More information about modeling modes

If you’re a licensed DataRobot customer, search the in-app Platform Documentation for Modeling workflow.

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