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"Finishing dataset upload" error when starting modeling

"Finishing dataset upload" error when starting modeling

Hi, community!


I'm trying to automate model training in Data Robot using the API. My workflow looks like this:

1. Generate CSV files with the data (these files could be rather big, up to 1GB)

2. Upload these files as separate data sets using the API endpoint

3. Create a project based on the primary data set using the API endpoint

4. Create a relationship configuration using the API endpoint

5. Start model training by calling `PATCH /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/aim/` endpoint

I have a problem with point 5. I'm getting status 202 from it and starting polling `GET /api/v2/status/(jobId)/` endpoint to wait until it's done. But I get the following response from the status endpoint:

   "message":"Finishing dataset upload",

I'm checking that the data set creation (file upload) is finished before I starting model training. Why do I have this? Is there any way to fix it?


Best regards,


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Done, thank you!

DataRobot Alumni

Hi @evgeni - sorry for the delay! Can you please send an email to  to open a ticket explaining what you're seeing? Thank you.