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"Finishing dataset upload" error when starting modeling

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Hi, community!


I'm trying to automate model training in Data Robot using the API. My workflow looks like this:

1. Generate CSV files with the data (these files could be rather big, up to 1GB)

2. Upload these files as separate data sets using the API endpoint

3. Create a project based on the primary data set using the API endpoint

4. Create a relationship configuration using the API endpoint

5. Start model training by calling `PATCH /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/aim/` endpoint

I have a problem with point 5. I'm getting status 202 from it and starting polling `GET /api/v2/status/(jobId)/` endpoint to wait until it's done. But I get the following response from the status endpoint:

   "message":"Finishing dataset upload",

I'm checking that the data set creation (file upload) is finished before I starting model training. Why do I have this? Is there any way to fix it?


Best regards,


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @evgeni - sorry for the delay! Can you please send an email to  to open a ticket explaining what you're seeing? Thank you.


NiCd Battery

Done, thank you!