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RPA/Intelligent Automation Experience????

Blue LED

Ui Path now has something like 5000+ customers. However, coming from the RPA space, I know that many RPA adopters haven't achieved much in the way of scale nor automated complex processes. According to the latest Deloitte survey, the number of organizations who have “scaled” their automation implementations has doubled since 2018. However, despite the pace of progress, only eight per cent have deployed more than 51 automations. This creates a massive opportunity but also hints at what is needed next ... Intelligence. Adding AI to RPA means you can automate a broader range of processes, and automate deeper. I have experience with projects like this from when I was at WorkFusion, but overall Intelligent Automation is less mass market than broader RPA right now. Have you got any experiences with Intelligent Automation you can share? Any thoughts on how to make RPA successful and scale? DataRobot + RPA is an exciting opportunity IMO.

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