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SFTP Data Import Error - Unique Constraint

SFTP Data Import Error - Unique Constraint

Good morning.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am attempting to import data from our SFTP tower and have been able to create the connector/data source and worked with Technology to ensure the file is in a CSV format that is readable, but now I am getting the following error:

Couldn't get data from the SFTP server. Error: ORA-00001: unique constraint (EFTSDB.MAILBOX_HOLD_PK) violated

Has anyone seen this error while trying to import data from a SFTP? Could is be the size of the file (265 mb)?




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Thank you @haysonm . Our support team can setup a Zoom session to see what is happening. 

You are right and the SFTP connector shouldn't be generating Oracle unique constraint errors. Please include the frontend.log from core server and it will provide important details. Do you know which version of Paxata you are using?

With Best Regards

Sudheer Kumar

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Thank you Sudheer.  I appreciate you response.  I am using an SFTP connector to our SFTP so I am not sure why I would be getting an error that is specific to Oracle databases.  When I attempt the import, I even see the preview of the data which looks correct.  

I will look into submitting a support ticket.

Thank you


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Hello @haysonm ,

You are getting an exception from Oracle database - unique constraint error which is generated only if you are writing into a table.

The SFTP server in general doesn't need an Oracle Server. Also you performing a read operation (import) which doesn't involve any writing to Oracle database which could trigger the unique constraint error. 

Please check your SFTP configuration. If the issue persists then please create a support ticket at and include frontend.log file from your core server.

I hope this helps.

With Best Regards

Sudheer Kumar

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