Shape (Pivot)

Shape (Pivot)

Pivot is similar to transpose in that it allows you to rearrange your column headers into row headers; but, it also allows you to perform aggregate functions on a selected column to be displayed as the body of data within your pivot table. Unlike the Transpose function, multiple headings can be chosen as column headers.

When you open the Shaping function and select the Pivot button, the Pivot options will display. You will be able to choose which columns to use as your column headers, as well as which columns to include as rows in the Pivot table to be created. Finally, you will also be able to choose which aggregate function will be conducted on which column to create the body of the Pivot table (clicking the "+" button will allow you to add more than one aggregation to your Pivot table).


The aggregate function chosen will be conducted on the chosen column, and then display the total based on the intersection of your chosen Column and Row headers.

Remember to pay attention to the data displayed below the Shaping window, as it will show a preview of the Pivot table you are generating based on your selected options. Once you are satisfied with the setup of your Pivot table, clicking the "Save" button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen will finalize and commit the action to your project.

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