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Sharepoint data source

Sharepoint data source

I have linked to a sharepoint source. But, i am not able to get the first column and the last modified date and modified by values.
Could you please advise ? Need to have all the data in paxata for massaging 
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Yes, that will be wonderful. If we can import a named view, then that will really help.


At present, there is no way to access a custom view for a Sharepoint list. Our Connector is built to import every field that it can import from the underlying List to allow the analyst to leverage Paxata's Data Prep features on the raw column data. 
  • One issue with this approach is the complexity of the "Title" column. When renamed, we do not receive the column correctly from the Sharepoint server. Thus, the recommendation not to rename the column. 
Soon, we'll be releasing a new "Sharepoint List" Connector specifically built to handle many of the situations that we have encountered with our Sharepoint power users.  This will include the ability to import either the complete column set or to select a named view. 


Also , is there a way to access a custom view created on the sharepoint list ?

Hi Josh,

The release version is 2018. Not sure if this is the 2018.2 SP7 version. Could you please confirm ?
Also, copying data from first column to a new custom column will work(as it only excludes first column) , but doing this for all sharepoint sources will be a very tedious job as we have many sharepoint data sources.


These are two known issues, each of which, I think I can help you address without screenshots. 
  1. First column not coming in -
    My guess, because it's usually the issue here, is that the first column was originally named "Title" and it was renamed. Sharepoint Lists improperly handle this name change and it causes the column to not be brought into Paxata. 
    There are two options for remedying this: 1. Change the name of the column back to "Title", 2. Copy the data in the first column into a new, custom column (with whatever name you'd like) and then hide the first column that's not coming in. 

    This is my best guess and it should be easy to test either of these options out to see if they address the issue. 

  2. There are 4 standard columns in all SharePoint Lists (created by, created date/time, last modified by, last modified date/time) that used to be excluded from List imports. This has been addressed in our 2018.2 SP7 release in late May. You can check which version of Paxata you're running by clicking on the person icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen and then clicking on About. The Release version can be found there. 

    If you're not running 2018.2, a workaround in the meantime is to copy the data into a new, custom column using a formula so the data updates (and isn't a snapshot, as it would be if it was copied text).'

Please let me know if these solutions work for you. If they do not, please reach out to your Customer Success representative who can set up a call for us to look at your issues more closely. 


I dont think i will be able to upload anything to image sharing site. Is there a way to paste an image in the comments ?

Hello Sid, 

Could you share screenshots of the settings you use while bringing in the dataset into the Library?

Thank You,