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student subscription to AutoML

student subscription to AutoML



I'm currently enrolled at Southern Methodist University's masters of science in data science program.  Do you have a student subscription for AutoML?  I'd love to work with your products but as a student my budget is severely limited.  Please advise.  Thank you!


Todd Garner

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Got it.  Thanks.  

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi Todd, thanks for reaching out via the DataRobot Community. I believe you have already received a response via your ticket, but wanted to close the loop on this side as well.


We do not currently have student subscriptions - our Academic Support Program is currently being re-envisioned as well and as such we are unable to admit new participants in the program until the new solution is fully developed.


We'll be sure to keep the community updated once new solutions are available.


Hope this helps!