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the difference between general endpoint and managed endpoint

the difference between general endpoint and managed endpoint

Hi There,


I noticed that there are two different endpoints to access DR. One is for trial and one is a managed endpoint.


What is the difference between them if I am in the US?


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Thanks. My question is more about the backend of the endpoint and security measures. Are they the same in terms of security measures and backend? I am testing some applications and for some reasons I want to test it with our real dataset. I'm a ML engineer so in higher level and documentation I can see what it does I don't need testing on benchmarking datasets. There is something that I wanna check and I want to know how secure is this endpoint to try that.


Your response is repeating my question. I have seen those and I am asking why they are different in a technical point of view.

I'm more interested to know about the hosting and the backend of the endpoints. This is what I cannot find in the documentations. What are considerations in a managed endpoints that do not exist in the trial one?

I want to know how far I can feel secure to test our applications during the trial. What are differences in the backend?

Hi @tiktak!

There are also a few differences between the trial and fully hosted version of the DataRobot platform, which are detailed here:


DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @tiktak ,


Welcome to the community and thanks for your question. 


We have two versions of DataRobot - Trial version and Enterprise version. The API endpoint for these versions are different. The API endpoint for DataRobot AI Platform Trial and Self-Service users is while that for Enterprise version (Managed AI Cloud (US)) is


Please refer to the following link for further details on APIs.