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Time Series Over Time Plot Does Not Correspond to Data

Time Series Over Time Plot Does Not Correspond to Data



I have a specific case in my time series project and I was wondering if anyone has encountered such problem.


I have data with 10 series that I upload to DataRobot. The data is ordered by series name and date and has around 20% missing values in the target (sales) that are equally distributed among the series.


When you initially look at the sales over time for one of the series, there seems to be a lot more missing values than 20%.




I manually checked some of the dates in the data in AI catalogue: for example 21 March 2014 is shown as missing in the sales over time plot, but it is not actually missing in the data:




Do you know why this problem might appear?



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Hey Kameliya,


The over time plots in the chart you shared are sampled. If you build a model and go the Accuracy Over Time plot, you should be able to see the full history per series.