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Updates Predicting COVID-19: Applying AI Diagnosis Tool

Updates Predicting COVID-19: Applying AI Diagnosis Tool

Here the update of the project PREDICTING COVID-19: APPLYING AI FOR DIAGNOSIS TOOL. The DIAGNOSIS TOOL latest prototype has been configured to be A SINGLE-POINT-of-ACCESS to a gallery of content that quickly would provide actionable insight to support decision-making, gain reliable knowledge, deeper understanding of anomalous cases, as well as support for resources management, and more. And DataRobot Auto ML platform plays the most important role because the platform´s powered ML+AI technologies allow us to, combine a wide range of data types for VISUAL AI modeling, and obtain updateable models of solid predicting power in a VERY SHORT TIME. This feature is particularly important in the pandemic-present-day fast-changing environment, where every minute count. Other analysis´ results depicted, e.g. Survival and Topic Analysis, Recommender System, etc., complement those of the DataRobot VISUAL AI modeling process (Feature Impact, Predicted Probabilities, Prediction Explanations, etc.).

At the moment, I am having trouble with: i) uploading in DataRobot datasets > 200 MB; ii) connecting directly with DATA SOURCES, the DATA PREPARATION App, and BI application used to integrate results; iii) sharing projects; and iv) include location/geographic related features in the modeling process.

I think that addressing these issues in the near future will allow us to continue working on the project and carry out its activities better, easier, and delivering results faster.

Please, your questions/suggestions, help, and support will be greatly appreciated. Please, feel free to ask any questions. And thank you so much in advance.

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Thank you so much!

DataRobot Alumni

Hi angel_ML, 

I have some resources for you to take a look at.  


Here is an overview of connecting to a database:  JDBC Integration

If you are referring to Paxata as the data preparation app here are a few resources to look through:

DataRobot Paxata and Data Prep for Data Science

Quick Help: Data Import

Paxata+DataRobot Demo: Lending Club

You can share your project using the share button in the top right corner of the browser.




I hope this helps!