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Using R to make predictions with multiple data sets

Using R to make predictions with multiple data sets

I have a project where I use multiple secondary data sets with automated feature discovery and time aware modeling to build the model.  I need to use R to generate predictions and deploy the model.  How do use the API to send multiple data sets to the model to generate predictions?


In previous projects, I would be able to send a data frame and use Predict() to generate predictions but that was only one data set.  I now have three data sets with time aware modeling.  How do I set that up?

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Hi ,


To expand on what my colleague @dalilaB mentioned, the functionality you're requesting is not yet in the R client. This is being worked on as we speak. Alternatives to this would be either specifying secondary_dataset_config_id in upload_dataset using the python client or using the public API endpoints directly.





Is this the Composable ML? Do you have a link for me to reference?

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Here is the answer from one of my colleague
If you are on 2.18 a custom script using the DataRobotPOST helper method is advised. So you can still make predictions in a feature discovery project by heating the raw API


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Which version of Datarobot R Package  are you using ?