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View raw data/mask columns

View raw data/mask columns

Is it possible to disable 'View raw data' feature on the dashboard? Or mask some of the fields of a dataset.

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Thank you, Josh.. I will send you an email with the requirements.

DataRobot Alumni

Hi @DDR, sorry for the delay here, this initially went to the Data Prep team and it took a little while to make its way over to the right folks. 


It looks like you're using the AI Catalog. At this time, it's not possible to mask fields within the AI  Catalog or turn off that feature. I'd like to learn a little more about the reason you'd like to do this to go along with the request. If you're open to sharing that information, please feel free to share it here or email me at

Hi @DDR -  Just a quick reply to keep you in the loop. I do know the team is working on your question and I'm guessing someone will be able to reply back to you tomorrow. I'll check in with them tomorrow if I see you haven't received an answer yet. Linda

Any updates on this?

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 8.43.35 PM.png

This is my dataset, I want to either mask or do not show Tail Number in the Raw Data view.

DataRobot Alumni

Can you share a screenshot for the same please?