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Webinar—What's New with Release 7.0

DataRobot Alumni

Webinar—What's New with Release 7.0

We’re excited to share with you our very first release this year. DataRobot’s Release 7.0 provides innovation across our entire platform through enhancements to all the products and features you know and love. We've improved our Data Prep scoring tools, added image augmentation to Visual AI, introduced customizable compliance reports in AutoML and AutoTS, and added a way to easily compare your forecasting models to ours. In MLOps, we've added the ability to challenge any model built in any language or framework and deployed to any environment.

Join Richard Tomlinson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, for a 45-minute overview of the headline features in Release 7.0 of the DataRobot enterprise AI platform. You will learn about:

  • Enhanced Prediction Preparation Tools
  • Customizable Compliance Reports
  • Choosing Your Own Baseline in Automated Time Series
  • Visual AI Image Augmentation
  • MLOps Remote Model Challengers
  • And much more!


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Also this link is a little more detailed.

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@arracadas check out these links and let me know if you've any more questions! 



Hi @arracadas - just a quick response from me (until @RichardT gets a chance to answer): Because this is still a Public Beta feature, there's not a lot of content to point you to, but the community should be getting an article in a couple of weeks. If I remember (and I'll try), I'll @ you when it's published.

Also - thanks for your feedback on the webinar! 


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Hi Richard,

Great webinar,  where can I find more details about the new Feature Discovery Snowflake Pushdown capability?