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Welcome, ODSC Applied AI attendees! πŸ‘‹

DataRobot Alumni

Welcome, ODSC Applied AI attendees! πŸ‘‹

Hi there, and welcome to the DataRobot Community!

This is a great place to ask questions and share knowledge about AI from a software developer's perspective - regardless of whether it's related to DataRobot APIs or not.

To get things started I have a few announcements to make:

  • If you haven't yet, make sure to register for the July 15th free conference ODSC - Applied AI, with a plethora of workshops and sessions all centered around how to get you started with building and architecting AI powered applications. You can find the conference at the following link: (The Opening Session begins at 10AM EST!)

  • To follow along with the sessions, sign up for the free DataRobot AI Platform Trial account -

  • Finally, we are happy to also announce that the first 50 folks who post in our Developers discussion board (right here) will get a cool DataRobot T-shirt, so - ask (and comment and answer) away! πŸ™‚ 





20 Replies

Thank you Peter and @zmarkan Zan for this very informative and fun session! I would like to know what should be my approach to develop an AI application for my custom dataset and a problem statement that I have chosen. Also, would I be able to do it using DataRobot API

Thank you again for the answering our questions and the interactive way to give us a peek in the capabilities of ML!

It was great kick start to AI and great session overall...(its genuine good review and not sarcasm πŸ˜› )

Great Session !! @zmarkan  I enjoyed learning

Thank you for the conference!
Do you know if there are plans to integrate Data Robot with a platform different than tableau for data viz?

Thanks for the practical walkthrough for implementing predictions. I starred the GitHub repo and I'll check it out in more detail later.

The use of Javascript in the demo was good for me, as I'm comfortable in JS.

I'm looking to transition into data science, coming from a web dev career currently.

Thank you. Get ai crash course session

Hey there . I enjoyed learning through your session can you please tell me how to get more about data robot and more webinars like this

Thank you for the great session! 

Thanks folks for hosting these sessions

Thank you for the great session! It was very helpful.