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Welcome, ODSC Applied AI attendees! πŸ‘‹

DataRobot Alumni

Welcome, ODSC Applied AI attendees! πŸ‘‹

Hi there, and welcome to the DataRobot Community!

This is a great place to ask questions and share knowledge about AI from a software developer's perspective - regardless of whether it's related to DataRobot APIs or not.

To get things started I have a few announcements to make:

  • If you haven't yet, make sure to register for the July 15th free conference ODSC - Applied AI, with a plethora of workshops and sessions all centered around how to get you started with building and architecting AI powered applications. You can find the conference at the following link: (The Opening Session begins at 10AM EST!)

  • To follow along with the sessions, sign up for the free DataRobot AI Platform Trial account -

  • Finally, we are happy to also announce that the first 50 folks who post in our Developers discussion board (right here) will get a cool DataRobot T-shirt, so - ask (and comment and answer) away! πŸ™‚ 





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happy, with the data robot platform to learn mlops and automl, thanks to odsc applied AI and datarobot to make me aware of awesome managed AI platform which i am going through and learn to utilize it....

Thanks for the wonderful event. Looking forward more of similar events in near future.

Any way to try the free trial with a Gmail email address?

Thanks guys for the sessions! super interesting, very well structured and clearly explained by the speakers. Datarobot rocks! Never attended sessions about MLOps better than @gonzo 's, a worlwide referent in the field without doubts. Great also @SephMard 's talk.

Peter and Zan, I loved your session, really informative and you also engaged with the viewers well!

Great conference today.

Hope you have more.



Thank You @Linda for providing these Useful links.

Hi Arun - Glad you enjoyed @zmarkan  and @peter 's presentation! I can give you a few ideas:

Your best bet is to join the community to access all the info and share ideas and even get help from community experts.


hope this helps


Thank you for helping with this event.