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What are “Derived Features?

What are “Derived Features?

What is “Derived Feature 1”?

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Hello c_stauder,

This is part of the Greybox (a mechanism to protect our intellectual property) We use the "Derived Feature 1" naming scheme on the DataRobot application to protect our intellectual property, as many of those derived features represent extremely sophisticated custom feature engineering developed by our data scientists.

This applies to "Derived Feature 2" and "Derived Feature 3," etc.




Hi C_stauder,


I may need more context to answer confidently, but my best guess is that this is an artifact of our feature discovery. Many of our blueprints search for ratios / differences between numeric features and automatically add any useful features into the dataset. 

There's a good blog post on our Automated Feature Engineering capabilities on our website: 



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