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What are my AI Catalog options?

What are my AI Catalog options?

Hi, I’m new to the DataRobot Community and I noticed the AI Catalog. What are my options with the AI Catalog? Is there a way to add it to my account? What else can I do with it?

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Ernie - Welcome to the DataRobot Community and thanks for being one of the first to post a question! The AI Catalog is a brand new capability that we introduced in our latest release. AI Catalog can help you easily find, understand and use the assets you need for your AI projects. It serves as a centralized source of truth for data engineers, data stewards, data scientists, and analysts to gain self-service access to machine learning assets they can trust. If you want more detail, check out this blog from a colleague of mine, Richard Tomlinson.

To reduce any initial confusion at the start of the modeling process, we decided to disable AI Catalog access by default for this release, but we want everyone to give it a try. Please ask your DataRobot Administrator to enable it on your account. Please note that it's available for both Automated Machine Learning and Automated Time Series, no matter whether you are deployed on-premise or in the cloud.