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What are your favorite AI/ML podcasts?

What are your favorite AI/ML podcasts?

I've long been a fan of Lex Fridman and his Artificial Intelligence Podcast. What are your favorite shows?

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Data skeptic, twiml , partially derivative, O'Rielly 

Totally agree. I really like the format of Talking Machines, which is :

- deep dive into nuanced topic like Latent Dirichlet allocation

- answering a reader question

- in depth interview with a luminary in the field (good mixture between "celebs" like Andrew Ng and lesser known, but still brilliant, practioners)


Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Talking Machines is definitely my favorite ML related podcast, the audio quality could be a bit better, but the hosts, topics, and interviews are really good, and I've used actually ended up actually using quite a few things I first heard about on the podcast.

Gentler Podcasts (still quite useful, but are approachable to those who don't read ML whitepapers frequently):

  • Machine Learning Guide
  • Data Skeptic
  • Linear Digressions

Deeper Podcasts:

  • Talking Machines (produced at Harvard by a comp sci professor)
  • NLP Highlights 


Not so much a podcast but the BBC have just released a nice "AI & Ethics" soundbite!

As always, Stuart Russell crushing it!

DataRobot Alumni

I like Data Skeptic and Linear Digressions which have well-defined topics.  But when I am driving, I enjoy listening to banter of Hilary and Roger on Not So Standard Deviations (it reminds me of conversations you find on most data science teams).

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The podcasts in are specific to ML and I find the topics are neatly curated.

DataRobot Alumni

Not found AI/ML specific ones that I like yet

I like a16Z which often has good content on the wider sector though

It's from the VC firm run by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, so they're well connected and often have interviews with founders and other interesting AI folk.

I'm also a big fan of EconTalk, which originally was primarily an Economics podcast, but these days has interesting interviewees from across academia and business. Quite often these sessions discuss AI ethics and the social/political/economic consequences of new technologies or trends -

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

TWIML: This Week in Machine Learning (

Great variety of Machine Learning researchers and professionals.

DataRobot Alumni

Not specifically ML, but I am a huge fan of SoftwareEngineeringDaily, which always features really prominent and poignant guests. Among others, they have a "Greatest Hits" episode about AI: