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What environments do you support?

What environments do you support?

Hello - We’re really interested in DataRobot but given my company’s security policy, we cannot use send our data to cloud-based apps. What environments can I deploy the DataRobot platform in? And what are the infrastructure requirements and prerequisites for that?

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DataRobot Alumni

DataRobot can be deployed in multiple ways to match your business needs and IT requirements. Lots of people use our Managed AI Cloud offering because we manage all of the infrastructure and upgrades for you. It's SOC 2 Type II certified to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices for information security, corporate controls, and software development. And, our EU-based cloud solution is GDPR compliant to support the unique data protection requirements of our European customers.

We also offer a Private AI Cloud solution that allows you to use your preferred cloud hosting provider(s), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. And, a Hybrid AI Cloud option allows even more flexibility, such as putting the DataRobot application in the cloud while your data remains on-premise.

That said, given your company's security policy, it sounds like our On-premise AI Cluster deployment option is the best option for you. You can install DataRobot on a Linux server or an existing Hadoop cluster. One of the benefits of the latter is that you can save on hardware costs and simplify the connection to your data (since it's probably already in your Hadoop cluster).

The DataRobot feature set is the same with both on-premise options, but with Hadoop you can ingest more data for machine learning model training.