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Where is the DataRobot blueprint template list?

Where is the DataRobot blueprint template list?

In the API, I kick off a project and DataRobot populates a list of suggested blueprints. I can then choose from that list those that I want to consider in more depth. So far so good. But, where can I get the list of all the blueprints that DataRobot is considering to suggest? What about the one's that DataRobot thought about but does not suggest?

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Eu Jin
Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hey @Bruce 


If you are using the GUI its under the "repository" sub tab, under the "models" tab. See snapshot below: 


If you are using python, you can call the "get_blueprints" method under the Project class. More details available here


Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 9.26.39 AM.png