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white pages?

white pages?

How do I change my screens to white from black?

My screens have a black background but the screens shown in this article are have a white background

Can I get a white background instead of black?

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Blue LED

Hi Charlotte, thanks for your question!  You can switch to Light Mode by going into your Profile in the platform (the head and shoulders icon in the upper right hand corner), going to Settings, and then making the switch under Theme.  I put a screenshot below of where it is in Settings.  Let me know if you need anything else!




exactly what I was looking for

thank you @DR4BA_Karin 

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When I change the Settings to "LIght Theme" I consistently get the following error message, screenshot below.  The Theme does change to light, but only temporarily. As the alert message states, as soon as I reload, it reverts back to the dark theme. Any suggestions? 




DataRobot Alumni

Hi @VV98 -  That just does not look right. Can you please send an email to  to open a ticket explaining what you're seeing. Please include your screenshot. Thank you!