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Working with DataRobot software

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Working with DataRobot software

Hello, I am a student of Data Science and this week I was offered my first job in the area. The job is in a consulting company to work with a partner that has bought the software DataRobot and they need a team to operate it. I never heard about this software before. Did some research and apparently this software do the job of a data scientist. So I am afraid that I will be a monkey pressing buttons and not really work applying my data science skills. What do you guys think? Am I wrong?

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Hi - Seems this is a repost from several years ago. I will say that in the years in between (since that original reddit post), we've implemented the AI Platform Trial for DataRobot which is proving to be a pretty easy way to have a look at what DataRobot can do and determine if it would help you.

I'd suggest you request access to the trial and do your own research!

You can request access here, and have a look at some of the commonly asked questions here.

hope this is helpful!

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