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Anomalies - Unsupervised Learning

Anomalies - Unsupervised Learning

Hi All,


Good Day! 


I have encountered issue to initiate "Start" when unsupervised learning is turn off for anomalies detection. Do need help to resolve this problem.   


Thank you in advance!

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Hey @SLX,

Can you share a screenshot of the issue? The Anomaly detection workflow in the docs outlines each step you'll need to start the project.

DataRobot Alumni

Hi @SLX - Welcome to the Community. Thank you for posting your question here. I see @IraWatt pointed you to some helpful documentation for this. Hoping you can check that out and let us know if you need more help. 


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Hi @SLX , sometimes just refreshing the browser could fix the problem as the connection could have dropped, or it could be a java update problem. Hope that helps.

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