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Data for Visual AI

Data for Visual AI

I have a doubt :

I uploaded a training dataset from ai catalog local machine, then started modelling and selected a model for making predictions then deployed it.
after deployment I started making predictions by uploading a test set in form of zip file which consist of 10-20 images then data robot used to give me predictions in csv format which even printed image path to all my images in zip file. 
but when i am using the api script code to run the same thing out of datarobot 
it does not print the image path of my images from zip file 


No column for image file path, this is a simple ui which i made and connected to the prediction api script code which data robot provides


data robot from platform itself gives image file path in option but not in their api why?

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

What is the app you're using to make predictions in your first screenshot and what API are you interacting with from that app?

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