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Setup SSO - Windows ADFS

Setup SSO - Windows ADFS

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if the SSO module is compatible with Windows ADFS.
Has anyone been able to configure it?
I have not been able to find documentation on how to do it with Windows ADFS.


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Hello @Ge0rg3 ,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your question. 


Technically it should be compatible with any ID management tool which supports SAML 2.0 but too broad to answer the exact solution here. This question is better answered by our support team - Please drop an email (directly or via your DataRobot representative) and they will work with you to know the exact details of your scenario and suggest the best solution. 




Hello Kreshna,


Yes, I have opened a case with support, they have sent me this link:

I have followed the steps, but when configuring it from ADFS, the active directory attributes do not match with datarobot and I can not achieve the connection, I have asked for help but apparently they do not have the documentation for ADFS.
That's why I was asking here, if someone had made the configuration with ADFS so I can help me.



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