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Visual AI and text embedding techniques

Visual AI and text embedding techniques

Hi i am using DataRobot from my organization,  I do not See Visual AI is enabled in my login. which version onwards it is available or is there separate key to enable Visual AI Architectures. I do not see Visual AI tab any where in my login .

Also do we have Text embedding architectures as well for NLP problems 




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Hi @Madhu!

DataRobot Visual AI was officially announced with the 6.1.0 release. See the 6.1.0 release notes announcement from the in-app Platform Documentation Release Center (AutoML release notes). (If you're a DataRobot Managed AI Cloud user, you can click here to open the notes.)

Also, here's a Visual AI demo video from the community's Release 6.1 announcement: 

From that demo video, you can see there's actually no "Visual AI" tab to look for. With Visual AI (which is enabled by default for Release 6.1 and later), you can import image features as part of your dataset and use those features for modeling.

Try this:

  • Import a dataset with image features. Need help? See this community blog or this in-app Platform Documentation topic (or search the doc for Build models).
  • From the Data menu > Project Data tab, select an image feature (Var Type "Image").
  • Within Image Preview, you'll see images for the selected feature; for example:


Based on what I've said here above, if you do need to follow up with the DataRobot Support team you can contact them from the ? menu:



Hoping another community member can answer the second part of your question!!
Also do we have Text embedding architectures as well for NLP problems


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