Configurable Autopilot

Autopilot configuration is a new feature available in the 6.0 release. This new capability allows you to customize Autopilot before you run it. You can find these new settings under Advanced Options > Additional (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Advanced OptionsFigure 1. Advanced Options

Search for interactions: When toggled, DataRobot will create new features based on interactions found in the data. This is useful for finding more insights from the data that you already have.

Include any blueprints with Scoring Code support: When toggled, DataRobot will include a filter that only uses blueprints with scoring code support. This is useful if you want to score data outside of DataRobot or at a very low latency.

Create blenders from top models: When toggled, Autopilot will create 4 blenders from the top models: two using the top 3 and two using the top 8 models on the Leaderboard. You can choose to untoggle this and prevent this from happening. Sometimes our customers don't want to run blenders because the process can increase the modeling time and scoring time.

Recommend and prepare a model for deployment: When toggled, DataRobot will recommend and prepare a model for deployment. This is more of a preference setting. Some customers don't like the extra time that it adds onto the Autopilot run and they prefer to choose their own top model.

Use accuracy-optimized metablueprint: When toggled, Autopilot will include accuracy-optimized metablueprints. These take a little longer to run but have a higher level of accuracy. Some customers might want to turn this on if accuracy is very important to them and if they don’t mind the extra runtime.

Include scaleout models: You can also choose whether or not to include scaleout models.

Number of models to run cross-validation on: You can change the number of models that DataRobot runs cross-validation on by default. Some customers use this because they want to run cross-validation on more of the models that appear on the Leaderboard.

Upper-bound running time: You can now also specify an upper-bound running time. This pertains to the number of hours that you're willing to wait for a single model to complete.

Once you're done adjusting the settings for your Autopilot run, you simply scroll up and hit the Start button.

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